Doncaster Sheffield Airport manages all surface water and sewage generated on site at the purpose built Airport Water Treatment Works (WWTW).

The Pollution Control Monitoring System monitors all surface runoff water flows from operational areas for Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) levels at each of the flow diversion chambers. Depending on the TOC and BOD levels the water is diverted to either the clean lagoon for discharge of the dirty water lagoon for treatment. The Environment Agency has set discharge consent levels in respect of the quality of water discharge to Mosham Drain and Nursery Cottage Drain.

Fire Training Ground

The airport has a dedicated Fire Training Ground to stimulate emergency scenarios. The Training Ground has a 100,000L catchment tank to capture foams and other substances used during training allowing any contaminated water to be dealt with appropriately.

Ground Water

The airport is located on the Sherwood Sandstone Aquifer and is therefore required to closely monitor groundwater quality. The groundwater quality is monitored on a monthly basis via nine boreholes located on the airfield. Before any potentially polluting activity can take place on the airfield the Airport Environment Manager is made aware to assess the substance and nature of the activity.

Grey Water Recycling

The toilet flush system in the airport terminal is fed by a grey water harvesting system from surface runoff from the airport car park. The system allows the airport to minimise water consumption and recycle water that would normally fall directly to the Airport WWTW.