Learning to fly

Ever wanted to learn to fly, take the controls of an aircraft, or just take in a new experience? Doncaster Sheffield Airport is home to a number of organisations that can help satisfy your flying bug – whether this be flying an aeroplane, helicopter, or even learning to fly a drone!

Yorkshire Aero Club

Yorkshire Aero Club offers flight training for the PPL, LAPL, Night Rating and IR(R) as well as aircraft self fly hire. Introductory flying lessons are also available for those who want to experience what it is like to learn to fly. In addition to flight training, we also offer ground training towards the PPL written exams and Radiotelephony Licence.

Contact +44 (0)1302 247 911 or visit YorkshireAeroClub.uk

Doncaster Sheffield Flight Training

Try flying for fun or get your aviation career on the flight path to success at Doncaster Sheffield Flight Training. Taster flying, experience flights, PPL training and ground school are all part of the service at DTFT, getting your career or hobby off to new heights!

Contact +44 (0)1302 623 232 or visit flydsft.co.uk

Hummingbird Helicopters

Experience the feeling of hovering in thin air! Whether you have the bug to try, want to learn to fly, Hummingbird Helicopters is the place for you. Arrange flying lessons, experience flights, corporate days, hover challenges and more. If you want to keep your feet firmly on the ground, why not speak to Hummingbird UAV about becoming a fully licenced drone pilot? Learn to fly the most complex drones safely and effectively with one of the UK’s few airport based instructors.

Contact +44 (0)1302 802 221  or visit hummingbirdhelicopters.co.uk