Directions Finningley

Directions Finningley is a result of the coming together of several key local partners to provide a one stop shop for employment, training and business support based at Doncaster Sheffield Airport.

The services on offer at Directions Finningley include:

* HR, vacancy and recruitment services

* Information and grant advice

* Training from basic courses to post graduate programmes

* Advice and career development

* Aviation specific training and bespoke packages

* On-site conference and training facilities

Planned developments for Directions Finningley include the setting up of an Aviation Academy specialising in aircraft engineering and airport operations, supported by the Directions Finningley Centre of Vocational Excellence in Aviation.

In addition to this, through a specialist network of industry recognised partners such as Lufthansa LRTT, Directions Finningley is also an approved Civil Aviation Authority centre delivering JAR and other qualifications valued by the aviation industry.

To find out more about the range of recruitment, training and information services that Directions Finningley can offer to local employers, contact Lisa Findlay on 01302 623300.